Welcome to Alsager Harlequins

We are a group setup by cyclists of various abilities ranging from beginners and novices to intermediate and professional riders.

When it comes to our members we like to think that we are a very friendly group that enjoy all aspects of cycling from short 5 to 10 mile slow at your own pace rides, to 50+ mile endurance rides. The Alsager Harlequins cycling club came about back in early 2017 when a couple of riders decided that there seemed to be a lot of riding enthusiasts in the local area but not a lot in the way of clubs. Since the creation of the Alsager Harlequins it has been nothing but fun, laughter, good memories and let's just say a good few punctures. We pride ourselves on having the ability to cater for all riders of all abilities and ages.

So if you would like to be part of a club that values it's members and likes to consider themselves one big happily family that never leaves a rider behind then please feel free to get in touch even if it's just to chat and get more information.





If you want to come along, or bring someone, or just want to find out more, please contact;


John Holford


Michael Lucking


Robert Worrall


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You can also find us on our Facebook group




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